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There is a reason why we call our program an academy and not a school.  our academy is very intense and demanding.  We are focused on producing the most highly skilled hunters and guides in the industry. Did you know that 90% of the giant trophy's killed year after year are killed by the same 10% of hunters. You cant learn these skills in a class room, there something that can only be learned on the mountain doing them. that is why this is an academy and why you will spend majority of the  time on the mountain learning every detailed aspect in what it takes to be the 10%

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Elk Hunting

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your  going to learn every aspect of elk hunting from early season archery, mid season, and late season. your going to learn there habits and behaviors in different terrain and different times of year. hunting resident elk vs migratory. you will learn everything we know about calling elk. when to call what kind of call. bugle, or cow call, different intesitsy to call.  you will learn a depth of hunting not found in any other school

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Mule Deer

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Mule deer hunting has grown to be the most popular species to hunt in the western  united states. with some of the coveted tags selling for over $400,000.00.
It takes those with the highest skills and abillity to persistantly kill true trophy bucks year after year. if you can master trophy mule deer hunting, than you can guide bout anywhere in the world. durring your month long stay with us you are going to have the opportunitie to look over hundreds of bucks as we pound the backcountry teaching you every aspect you will face in mule deer hunting. this is absurlutly with out a doubt the most depth hunting school on the plannet.


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Sheep hunting is critical to learn from somone who knows sheep.  it is critical to be able to feild juge sheep. Sheep hunters pay a lot of money for there sheep hunts, and have high expectations. you can go from a hero to a zero in a matter of seconds if you don't feild judge a rams age and score right. sheep guides have a high reputation of being some of the best hunters in the indestry . we have guided almost every kind of sheep hunts in north america, from rockys, to deserts, to stone, and have taken guys that have investid 20 plus years of building preference points or hunters that have spent $80,000 plus on govoner tags. we have the reputation and skills, and want to teach you everything we know.

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lion hunting

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Lion hunting is about the funnest thing you will ever do. it really helps hone your skill and abillity to track game and read sighn, you can learn a lot from studying lions and how they hunt there prey. they are the ultimate preditor, 99% percent of lion hunts are with the use of hounds. most people hunt lions in the winter where there is snow and  the conditions are a lot easyer. but few have masterd the abilitly to hunt lions on dry ground, we will teach you a bit about both. but however that is a whole nother school in its self and can be further taught in a later course

Black Bear

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Black bears are hunted 3 different ways. 1 spot and stalk, 2 Baiting, and 3 Hounds. we will go over all these with you. the main thing just like any other speicies is to know there habits. bear hunting is a good field to know as to it can add 2 whole extra months of employment. we have killed a lot of bears over the years and you will see your fair share of them during your four weeks

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Here For You

Scouting, and you preseason work is the biggest factor that will prove itself with a successfull season. it is undoubtedly the most important thing you can do. and the time to so it is short and precious, so you better know what your doing so you dont waste precious time and efforts. you can wast lots of time looking in dead zones or areas that will be infested with hunters. you need to be able to locate multiple trophy animals and know there patters, and where they  will go under pressure. you need to have them dialed in so you dont waste most of your hunters days and time trying to locate a trophy. you will be spending hundreds of hours in the glass on the mountian doing this durring your school. i cant stress enough the importance of this.


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Packing and horsemanship is a must know if your gonna be involved in western back country hunts.

you will leave our class knowing most every aspect in packing with different styles and methods. (decker, sawbuck, and modified decker}, and all the nesissary hitches to tie loads. this is somthing that will just be part of your every day routine as you travel the backcountry daily learning the ways and habits of game and hunting.

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Its important that you have the right foundation in your horsemanship, so that it can grow in a positive direction. you can tell a lot about a person just by watching his horse. your horse is the mirror of your soul. you are going to have a lot of time with your horse, and together you will grow and teach each other a lot about yourselves. 

we have grown and spent our whole lives on the back of a horse. our horses are one  the most important aspects in our lives, and we take a lot of pride in our horsemanship. we want to share with you every bit of knowledge we have to give you the best foundation with your horsemanship.

shooting and setting up for a shot

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You will learn the extreme importance of shooting and how to set up for a shot. Ican not stress enough how important this is. You may only have one chance at the trophy of your dreams, and you wouldn’t believe how often people hurry and rush the shot without getting properly set up. “You’re only as good of a shot as your rest”.
There is nothing more disheartening than to put hundreds of hours in all year locating, watching, and patterning an animal, finally get your one chance, only to miss your shot, or worse wound it. All this can be extremely minimized by the things we will teach you. You yourself will shoot tons of rounds in multiple set ups and scenarios, so you will be proficient yourself and confident for your hunter.

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photography and video

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You are going to learn photography, and videography and the importance of it. We will provide you a with a phone scope adaptor that will fit your phone and the spotting scope that you receive when enrolling in our school. You will film hundreds of animals. You are going to learn how to prop up and position game to take good harvest photos.

your class final

make your own hunting show

for your class final you and your assighned partner will head off on a 3 day 2 night mock hunting trip. guiding each other on a trophy deer or elk hunt. you will film eachothers hunt while portraying and using all the skills we taught you throughout the course.  you and your partner will compiles and edit a 45 minute  video that shows all the key ponents that we give you.  and on last day we have a big party and watch everybodys final project video

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